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Our scooters meet all local park requirements including Walt Disney World parks, Universal Studios, and Seaworld

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Cruise the parks without any worry. With our scooters your adventure will not be stopped short due to battery life. All of our scooters come equipped with the largest available for this scooter class.

Why Rent From Scooter King?

Renting a scooter is the best way to ensure you or your loved ones have a way to easily get around and access everything. When you plan to spend time in a theme park, having a scooter rental on hand will make sure everyone is happy and ready to go right from the start.

Theme parks often offer their own mobility scooter rentals, but these scooters are expensive and you can only use them during your time at the park. Once you leave, you’re on your own! When you rent a scooter from us, however, you have it for the entire duration of your stay. This means not only at the theme park, but also in the parking lot, around your hotel, and wherever else you might end up going afterward.

For those with disabilities or mobility limitations, renting a scooter is a way to guarantee easy access to the whole theme park. You won’t have to worry about keeping up or walking for an entire day, and you also won’t have to worry about the end of the day and the walk back to your car. With our scooter rental, your scooter will be with you for the entire journey.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is huge and will require several days to fully explore. Disney theme parks offer buses and trams that can accommodate mobility scooters. You’ll also find benches around the parks if you need a break. With the right scooter rental, you’ll be able to enjoy the full Disney experience with your loved ones. Please keep in mind for Disney themed hotels a Meet & Greet is required for pick up and drop off.

Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando is another theme park that offers good accessibility. Most of their rides are wheelchair-user friendly and while you may need to follow certain guidelines for getting on and off the ride, you can also transfer from your scooter to the ride if possible. The park is scooter friendly as well.

Seaworld Parks

Seaworld parks offers a guide on which rides guests with reduced mobility can ride. The guide will let you know what requirements are necessary for each ride and you’re free to park and
use a scooter throughout the park.

These three theme parks draw in international visitors everyday. There’s no question about how popular they are or how fun they are to explore, but for those who need a scooter or certain mobility accommodations, it’s normal to be concerned about their accessibility features.

Each theme park offers wheelchair rentals for the day, but with your own scooter rental, you don’t have to worry about standing in a line at the mobility assistance desk. Instead, you can go right into the parks and enjoy your day without worrying about getting around.

Things to Note

It’s possible to rent mobility scooters at the theme parks themselves. However, these prices will often be higher and you can only use the scooter within the parks. There may also be additional requirements such as an age requirement, weight limit, or document proving your disability.

When you rent from a third party company like ours, you’ll often get more flexible rental conditions. You’ll also get the scooter for the entire day, from your Central Florida hotel until you return it.
This means that you’ll still have the scooter if you decide to go out for dinner or stop somewhere else after your time at the parks.

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Who Should Rent A Mobility Scooter?

Theme parks will take a lot of energy to explore. They involve a ton of walking and even for people without mobility concerns, it can get tiring and lead to aching feet, knees, or legs. On average, guests walk about 5 miles every day when exploring the large theme parks that Orlando has to offer.

For those who often experience pain when walking, have a condition that limits their mobility, or have recently had surgery, renting a scooter is the best way to ensure you can experience the whole park without worrying about your pain.

If you have concerns but aren’t sure if you really need a scooter, it’s often better to get one anyway. This way, you won’t have to quit early or go about the last half of your day in pain.