Multiday Rental 3 Wheel 400 Pound Rated Scooter -
Multiday Rental 3 Wheel 400 Pound Rated Scooter -

Multiday Rental 3 Wheel 400 Pound Rated Scooter

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Product description


PLEASE NOTE: These scooters are not as easy to transport in personal cars, They are heavy. They WILL work fine with buses and other park transportation. If you are staying off property you will need a large vehicle to transport and at least 2 people to lift the scooter. 


The Victory 10 3-Wheel is a top-performing, versatile scooter. This powerful scooter features a 400-pound maximum weight capacity, making it a top choice for many people. Additionally, the scooter can achieve a top speed of 5.25 miles per hour, meaning it's ready to quickly take you wherever you'd like to go.

The Victory 10 3-Wheel features a sporty design, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. No-scuff tires and a 42” turning radius allow for use inside your home or other buildings. This scooter also features high-intensity LED lighting to keep you safe when traveling outdoors at night. An LED backlit battery meter provides accurate readings so that you don't have to worry about being stranded without sufficient battery power.  

This scooter is designed to maximize your comfort so that you can use it for hours. The lightweight molded seat and armrests provide you with plenty of support, and the delta tiller is easy to grip and control, even if you have limited hand dexterity. The Victory 10 3-Wheel is two inches longer than the Victory 9, providing additional space so that riders over 6 feet tall can ride comfortably. The charging port is conveniently located on the delta tiller, making it easy to reach.

The Victory 10 3-Wheel is a great choice for many people, including those over 6 feet tall. The scooter's 400-pound maximum weight capacity means that it can accommodate more people than your typical scooter can. With its fast maximum speed and high performance operation, you're sure to enjoy this scooter. The Victory 10 3-Wheel features feather-touch disassembly, so it's easily transportable.

*Pride FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility

How To Rent

Renting your scooter for Orlando has never been easier.

Thanks to our easy-to-navigate website, you can choose the best scooter for your needs before you even leave home. Find the scooter that’s right for you and fill in the form with your details and we will see you when you arrive.

This way, we know exactly who the scooter is for and who to contact regarding delivery. The form is quick and simple, so you can reserve your scooter and get on with the rest of your day. Making us the easiest way to rent mobility scooters

After you’ve submitted the form and paid for your scooter, all that’s left to do is arrive at your destination! On the agreed upon rental date and time, we’ll deliver your Orlando scooter to you so that you can begin your vacation in luxury and comfort.