Everything You Need To Know

We know renting a scooter for the first time can come with a lot of questions. That's why we created this list to help you with the process. If you are unable to find the answer to your question use the chat function on our website. We are here to help!


How can I book?

You can book by simply clicking any scooter here then fill out the order form and checkout! 

What Scooter Should I Pick?

We suggest getting the scooter that fits your weight capacity best. For example do not rent the 450 pound capacity scooter if rider only weighs 200 pounds. It should be noted all of our scooters come with the largest batteries available and will get you through a full day. 

Are the scooters water proof?  

As of 2023 there are zero water proof scooters / ECVs being made by any manufacture. Light rain is typically not an issue but puddles can and will ruin the scooter. Try and avoid rain at all costs, it is an electric scooter after all. 


What if the scooter has issues after we receive it? 

As long as you have not left the city we will come to wherever you are and swap the scooter or battery out for no charge. 


How long does the battery last?

We guarantee 8 hours on all of our scooters but all of them are rated for 12 or more hours. You should have no problem doing a full park day if the scooter was charged the night before. If you plan on doing more than 10 hours we suggest bringing the charger with you and charging at lunch and dinner. It is advised NOT to do Animal Kingdom & Epcot in the same day as Animal Kingdom has inclines that is tougher on the battery and Epcot is enormous ( you can fit almost every theme park in Orlando into Epcots acreage). 

Will the travel scooter fit into any car?

Yes the travel scooter will fit into ANY car trunk. Several can fit inside Vans & SUVs.

Do I need to be present for pick up and delivery?

Only for Disney themed Hotels, Disney requires the guest or a member of the guests party be present for pick up and drop off. At all other hotels you do not need to be present for pick up or drop off. 

My pick up and drop off location is different.

You are given the option for two different locations during booking.

Do you have discounts for first responders and veterans? 

Yes we do! Thank you for your service please use code: King10 at checkout 





Our scooters are able to be broken down and stowed in the trunk of any car and boast a minimum 10 hour life. Here is a quick video demonstrating how they work.

Quick Tips: 

To remove the seat do not jerk it. Wobble the seat out until it becomes loose. 

When folding the scooter, avoid folding the steering column directly down the middle. Instead offset the steering column slightly to the left or right. 

When being placed in the back of SUV, you can put the scooter on its side and remove the basket to save even more room. Its possible to use all three rows of seats and still fit the scooter.