About Our Scooters // Troubleshooting

Our scooters are able to be broken down and stowed in the trunk of any car and boast a minimum 10 hour life. Here is a quick video demonstrating how they work.

Quick Tips: 

To remove the seat do not jerk it. Wobble the seat out until it becomes loose. 

When folding the scooter, avoid folding the steering column directly down the middle. Instead offset the steering column slightly to the left or right. 

When being placed in the back of SUV, you can put the scooter on its side and remove the basket to save even more room. Its possible to use all three rows of seats and still fit the scooter. 



Scooter is beeping but is still driving = battery is low and it is time to charge it.

Scooter is beeping and is not driving = Make sure the neutral switch on the back is properly engaged and turn the scooter off and on. 

Scooter is beeping and is not driving (part 2) = Do not touch either the accelerator nor the reverse paddle until the scooter has been on for at least 5 seconds. This is a safety feature. 

Seat wont come out = Jiggle it out

For charging, Line the 3 prongs up on the charger with the 3 holes in the battery.