Multiday Rental 4 Wheel 400 Pound Capacity Scooter

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Product description


PLEASE NOTE: These scooters are more challenging to transport in personal cars. Although these scooters break down and can be transported they are heavier than the 300-pound capacity travel scooter and a couple of inches wider. They WILL work fine with buses and other park transportation. If you are staying off-property you will need a large vehicle to transport. 2 people to lift the scooter is recommended. 

Redefine Mobility Scooters for the Modern Age with the Revo 2.0 4-Wheel

The Revo 2.0 4-Wheel mobility scooter from Pride is revolutionizing rugged mobility while prioritizing comfort. With a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds, it combines durability with convenience for an unparalleled experience.

Featuring the exclusive Comfort-Trac Suspension and rugged pneumatic tires, the Revo 2.0 effortlessly conquers various terrains, from grassy lawns to gravel paths and even indoor carpets. Say yes to outdoor weddings, sightseeing tours, or leisurely strolls along the boardwalk—all with the confidence of a reliable mobility scooter.

Designed for ultimate portability, the Revo 2.0 boasts Pride's feather-touch disassembly system, breaking down into five main pieces for easy transportation. Reassembly is just as swift, ensuring you're always on the move without hassle.

Enjoy added conveniences like the on-board USB charging port for your devices and the deck light for enhanced visibility during evening rides. Plus, with a speed of up to 5.2 mph and a single-charge mileage of up to 17.8 miles, the Revo 2.0 offers both performance and endurance.

Customize your mobility scooter with a range of optional accessories to suit your preferences and lifestyle. Whether it's an afternoon adventure or everyday errands, the Revo 2.0 4-Wheel ensures you're always ready to explore.

Key Features of the Revo 2.0 4-Wheel:

  • 400 lbs. weight capacity
  • Up to 5.2 mph maximum speed
  • 52" turning radius
  • 17.8 miles per charge (200 lbs.), 14.8 miles per charge (400 lbs.)
  • Comfort-Trac Suspension for a smooth ride
  • LED headlight and durable rear bumper for added safety
  • Easy-to-grip tiller adjustment knob for effortless control
  • Ergonomic delta tiller for comfortable handling
  • On-board USB charging port for mobile devices
  • Standard front basket for convenient storage
  • Ultra heavy-duty drivetrain for reliability
  • User-friendly console for intuitive operation

Experience the freedom of mobility with the Revo 2.0 4-Wheel—where comfort meets adventure. Rent it for your next visit to Universal Studios or Disney World Orlando and make the most of your trip!

How To Rent

Renting your scooter for Orlando has never been easier.

Thanks to our easy-to-navigate website, you can choose the best scooter for your needs before you even leave home. Find the scooter that’s right for you and fill in the form with your details and we will see you when you arrive.

This way, we know exactly who the scooter is for and who to contact regarding delivery. The form is quick and simple, so you can reserve your scooter and get on with the rest of your day. Making us the easiest way to rent mobility scooters

After you’ve submitted the form and paid for your scooter, all that’s left to do is arrive at your destination! On the agreed upon rental date and time, we’ll deliver your Orlando scooter to you so that you can begin your vacation in luxury and comfort.