Visiting Orlando?

Visiting Orlando?

Visiting Orlando? -

Whether its your first time or a returning guest, thank you! Orlando has a lot to offer between its world class parks, gorgeous lakes, and lively downtown nightlife. One thing you will notice with Orlando is everything is spread out and its a larger city than most people think. That is why we make sure every single one of our scooters are able to be broken down and stored into a vehicle. Orlando has a lot to offer and its impossible to see it all in one trip, some say it can even be overwhelming! That's why here we want to go over some of our favorite spots.

Disney World

Not too surprising Disney World is first on our list. Disney consists of many parks with our two favorites being Epcot and Animal Kingdom. Epcot has a range of attractions and amenities which makes it perfect for everyone, regardless of age. Epcot also hosts a range of events and festivals throughout the year such as the food & wine festival and the flower festival. Epcot showcases 11 different Countries (even America) with different food, drinks, and cultural items from each. Animal Kingdom is a must see and easily one of the best Zoos on the planet. From Giraffes to Monkeys you will think you are in the Serengeti. Both of these Parks as you could imagine involve lots of walking (12 miles on average) so having a mobility scooter or ECV can make the day more enjoyable. 


Universal Studios Orlando 

Universal Studios is an amazing park where blockbuster movies come to life. People don't often realize Universal Studios Orlando is made of two parks: Islands of Adventure and Universal. Both have their perks and both involve lots of traversing the parks, so a scooter with a long battery range is a must. Universal is better for people that enjoy the set designs and easy going roller coasters. While Universal does have "Rip Ride Rocket" and "The Mummy" roller coasters, Islands of Adventures has more of the adrenaline packed coasters like the Hulk or Dueling Dragons. 

 Scooter King Orlando's Promise

Here at Scooter King, we appreciate you for choosing Orlando as your Vacation Destination. We understand that Mobility can make enjoying the Parks challenging.  That is why we choose nothing but the best for our mobility scooters and ECVs. All of our scooters have max comfortability and battery life. Our scooters will perfectly compliment your trip! We strive to make the process as easy as possible for you to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. If there is anyway we can help with your vacation in Orlando please let us know!


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