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Do Theme Parks Allow Outside Scooters on Their Property?

When it comes to Orlando theme parks, there’s undeniably a lot of walking and navigating involved. Thankfully, with the availability of scooters today, people with mobility limitations don’t have to miss out on visiting the parks with their families and friends. If you’re wondering whether you can bring your own scooter or if outside ecv scooter rentals can be used in Orlando theme parks, keep reading to learn more.

What Are Orlando Theme Parks' Policies on Outside Scooters?

According to the Walt Disney World Resort Property Rules, personal mobility devices, including scooters, are allowed on their property. However, there are some guidelines that visitors must follow to ensure the safety of theme park patrons. For example, keep in mind that scooters must be no larger than 36 inches in width and 52 inches in length, and they must be able to fit through a standard 36-inch wide door. In addition, scooters must be operated at a safe speed and yield to pedestrians.

Universal Orlando Resort also allows scooters on their property too, with the theme park also allowing scooters that measure a maximum width of 36 inches and a maximum length of 52 inches. As expected, visitors must also obey traffic signs and signals while giving way to pedestrians. Furthermore, visitors must park their scooters in designated areas and not block walkways or entrances.

You’ll find that theme parks these days do emphasize accessibility for everyone, which is why most of them allow outside personal mobility devices.

Why Rent Instead of Bringing Your Own Scooter?

While you may prefer the familiarity of your own scooter, it may not be the best option for you and your companions due to all the logistics involved that may make your traveling more inconvenient. Instead, renting a scooter at your destination is a good alternative since you won’t have to plan how to bring your scooter on your flight or your transportation when you’re traveling from the airport to your resort.

Now that you know renting a scooter at your destination is easier than bringing your own, what about renting one directly from the theme parks, then? While you can opt for that, the downside is the rental fees tend to be more costly when you rent directly from theme parks. Also, keep in mind that theme parks don’t have many scooters for rent, so you might not even find one available. 

In contrast, renting from us is less expensive and a lot more convenient. Besides being able to reserve your scooter in advance for peace of mind and ease of planning, we also deliver your scooter right to your hotel. This way, you don’t have to worry about how to pick up or return your scooter. We will handle all that to make your trip as convenient and seamless as possible. 

Keep in mind that you’re also free to use our scooter outside the theme park. Again, this is more convenient than renting theme park scooters which you can only use within the theme park grounds.

Explore Theme Parks with a Scooter from Scooter King

In short, Orlando theme parks do allow outside scooters on their property. However, just remember to be aware of their scooter rules and always abide by their policies. These policies are set in place to ensure the safety of all visitors, so follow them to ensure that you and your loved ones have a stress-free experience exploring and navigating Orlando’s theme parks. If you have any further questions about renting a scooter from us and using it in theme parks, don’t hesitate to call us, and we’ll be glad to answer your questions!

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