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SeaWorld’s Annual Seven Seas Food Festival 

SeaWorld’s Annual Seven Seas Food Festival  -


SeaWorld Orlando’s annual Seven Seas Food Festival is even bigger and better this year, taking it to the next level with over 200 distinct tasty delights and offerings, making it the perfect travel destination for foodies. The festival is currently taking place Thursday-Sunday until May 8th, so there is definitely time to expand your itinerary for the flavor celebration if you are making your way to Orlando in the upcoming weeks. Being the biggest theme park food festival in Orlando, guests can explore more than 50 fresh global cuisine options in addition to over 75 wine and cocktail selections and 75 craft beers. If you aren’t a fan of the thrilling roller coasters and rides the park has to offer, kick back and enjoy some rock, Latin, country, or 90s throwback tunes at the live music shows that will also be taking place during the festival. There will surely be something enjoyable for all guests, and Scooter King will gladly provide a form of mobility to those in need!

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