How to use our scooters and troubleshooting

Need to know how to break the scooter down to fit into a car or having issues with one of our scooters? Read below, a lot of the time one of these quick fixes will get you back on your way!

How do I break the scooter down for transport?

  1. Remove the seat
  2. Remove the battery
  3. Fold the Steering Colum by untwisting the knob at the bottom 

Here is a quick video to help out:

Quick Tips: 

To remove the seat do not jerk it. Wobble the seat out until it becomes loose. 

When being placed in the back of SUV, you can put the scooter on its side and remove the basket to save even more room. Its possible to use all three rows of seats and still fit the scooter. 

Scooter is beeping but still driving.

This means the scooter is running low on battery. We suggest putting the scooter on charge soon. 

Scooter is beeping and not driving.

There are main causes for this:

  1. When turning the scooter key to "On" make sure the rider does not have their hand on the forward or reverse. Also make sure a cane is not pushing the forward or reverse when turning the key.
  2. Make sure the switch in the rear is in the "Locked" position on most scooters that is the back position. It is common for park employees to put the scooter in the un-locked position to move it when you are on a ride, at a show or at a restaurant. Turn the scooter off & on anytime the switch is moved. 

Scooter will not turn on at all.

Make sure that the battery is on and has a good connection. Try removing the battery and putting it back on. 

None of that worked?

Please use our website chat function to get you in contact with one of us here at Scooter King so we can get a driver dispatched out to your location ASAP.